Ocular Injuries

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It’s impossible to prevent all accidents or sudden injuries, but when one occurs, Barbara J. Arnold, MD, comes prepared to act swiftly and provide comprehensive care. Injuries to the eye, or ocular injuries, can lead to vision loss if not addressed quickly. Don’t delay and call today to schedule an appointment at the Sacramento, California, office or book online through the reservation portal.

What are ocular injuries?

Ocular injuries are any injuries or trauma to the eye and surrounding areas. These injuries can range from minor irritations, such as scratches, to severe trauma, such as blunt force trauma. 

Several factors, such as falls, sports-related injuries, or work-related incidents can cause ocular injuries. You should seek medical attention immediately for ocular injuries to prevent additional damage or vision loss.

What should I do to treat my ocular injury?

The treatment for ocular injuries depends on the severity and type of injury. Dr. Arnold can treat mild injuries, such as foreign objects, in the eye with medications like eye drops. More serious injuries, such as retinal detachment or severe trauma, may require surgery or laser therapy. Ointments and creams also help prevent infection and stop the injury from worsening.

Sometimes, vision loss may be irreversible, but the sooner you seek care, the more likely Dr. Arnold can mitigate damage and preserve your remaining vision.

How can I prevent ocular injuries?

Preventing ocular injuries involves taking necessary precautions to ensure eye safety. It’s essential to wear protective eyewear while engaging in activities that could result in eye injuries like sports and industrial work. Protective eyewear can include goggles, safety glasses, and face shields when performing various tasks.

Additionally, you should avoid rubbing or touching the eyes excessively and wash your hands thoroughly before and after touching your eyes. Regular eye exams with Dr. Arnold can also help identify potential risks that may lead to ocular injuries. It’s crucial to take preventative measures to avoid potential ocular injuries and preserve eye health.

Does it take a long time to recover from ocular injuries?

Recovering from an ocular injury can take time, patience, and adherence to the treatment plan prescribed by Dr. Arnold. The specific recovery process depends on the type and severity of your injury, but it often involves a combination of medication and rest. 

In some cases, Dr. Arnold may recommend surgery after evaluating and determining your eye’s needs. It’s important to avoid any activities that could further damage the eye, such as rubbing or touching it. You should schedule follow-up appointments with Dr. Arnold to ensure your injury heals properly and there are no complications.

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