Diabetic Retinopathy

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Unmanaged diabetes can lead to a host of complications, such as diabetic retinopathy, which causes damaged eye blood vessels. Barbara J. Arnold, MD, can treat retinopathy with comprehensive laser treatments at the Sacramento, California, office. Call or book online today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Arnold and learn how diabetic retinopathy treatments can significantly improve your visual acuity.

What is diabetic retinopathy?

Diabetic retinopathy is a complication of diabetes that affects the eyes. The retina is a part of the eye that detects light and sends signals to the brain. In diabetic retinopathy, the tiny blood vessels surrounding the retina become strained and potentially damaged, limiting its ability to operate. 

Diabetic retinopathy is a type of retinal disease that includes other conditions affecting the retina, such as macular degeneration and retinal detachment. Regular eye exams are important for detecting and treating these conditions early to prevent vision loss.

What causes diabetic retinopathy?

Diabetic retinopathy is a secondary condition caused by complications of diabetes. Unmanaged diabetes can lead to elevated blood sugar levels, which strains blood vessels in the eye. When blood sugar levels are high for too long, the blood vessels that supply the retina with oxygen and nutrients can burst, leading to bleeding and swelling. 

Over time, these changes can cause vision loss and even blindness if left untreated. People with diabetes need to manage their blood sugar levels to prevent the development and progression of diabetic retinopathy.

How can I get rid of diabetic retinopathy?

There are several treatments for diabetic retinopathy, which may depend on the severity of the condition. It’s critical to detect signs of unmanaged diabetes early and to start managing blood sugar and pressure as soon as possible. Well-managed diabetes can prevent or slow the progression of diabetic retinopathy.

A favorite treatment of Dr. Arnold is laser therapy, which she can perform quickly and painlessly in the Sacramento, California, office. This laser can seal off or shrink abnormal blood vessels in the retina. 

Surgery may sometimes be necessary to remove blood or scar tissue. If you have diabetes, it's important to have regular eye exams to monitor for diabetic retinopathy and other complications.

Is seeking treatment for diabetic retinopathy worth it?

Treating diabetic retinopathy can help prevent further eye damage and improve vision. It can slow or stop the disease’s progression and reduce your risk of blindness. By managing blood sugar levels and controlling blood pressure, patients can prevent or delay the onset of diabetic retinopathy. 

You should schedule regular eye exams to detect signs early, which can lead to more effective treatment options. 

If you’re experiencing diabetic retinopathy, call Dr. Arnold at the Sacramento, California, office or book online through the reservation portal to reserve an appointment today.