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Cataract and Lens Implant Surgery

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Modern cataract care has become an everyday miracle. Intraocular lens implants, tiny plastic lenses, are implanted within the human eye to restore focus after removal of a cloudy cataract lens.

Your doctor, using special examination instruments, can determine if the natural lenses within you eyes are clear. If the lenses are beginning to turn cloudy, usually due to aging, they are called cataracts. Conditions such as diabetes, traumatic injury, or use of steroid containing medications can also cause cataracts. It is only when these cataracts are impairing your vision to the point where you cannot see well enough to perform daily activities, that you will need to think about having them removed.

While cataracts are the most common cause of poor vision among adults over age 60, they are not the only cause of poor vision. Retinal disease or glaucoma are also causes of poor vision among adults. Therefore, an eye examination every two years for adults is recommended.















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